Ecl1: Eclipse Plugin for HISinOne Extensions

Ecl1 is an Eclipse plugin that supports the development of HISinOne extensions. The current released version of the ecl1 toolset is


Ecl1 provides a toolset, that supports the development of extensions for the campus management software HISinOne.


To use the Ecl1 toolset you need at least Eclipse version 3.7. It runs both on Windows and Linux systems. It is also runnable on Eclipse version 4.X.


You can install the current version of the Ecl1 via our update site.

After you have installed Ecl1, you should have a new category "HISinOne" for new projects, if you try to create a new project for example via pressing Ctrl + N

As alternative option you can download the latest plugin version via sourceforge as an update site archive.

How to use

Ecl1 adds entry to the creation-assistant:

Create a new Extension

To create a new extension select "HISinOne Extension Project" from the category "HISinOne" after selecting New from File menu or pressing Ctrl + N.

After selecting the wizard for a new HISinOne Extension Project, you need to choose a name for the extension you want to develop. Ideally you pick a name that follows the java package naming conventions, as you can see in the following screenshot.

Finally you now have a fully operational HISinOne-extension skeleton. It even has a Git repository prepared for sharing with fellow developers.

Import existing extensions

Invisibility of other extensions is a challenge. We try to tackle this hurdle with a dedicated import wizard for HISinOne-Extensions

In the category HISinOne the wizard Extension Import offers a simple one click way of importing a set of existing extensions into your workspace. Screenshot of import wizard showing a list of HISinOne extensions for import

To make the import suitable to your custom environment, build server as source for available extensions and git server as version control system are configurable. Screenshot of preferences dialogue showing configuration parameters for extension import.

Bug and Feature Requests

If you miss a certain detail in the Ecl1 tool set or just found a bug please give us notice via tracker on sourceforge.

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